Opening ActivityOpening Activity
Opening Activity Give each group a different color of “money,” but don‘t tell them that‘s what I‘m doing. Tell them to go around the room and trade some of their money with the others groups
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Integrated Curriculum: Social Studies themeIntegrated Curriculum: Social Studies theme
Content: x Civics and Government 1 4 x Geography 1 4 x Economics 1 5 x History 1 4
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A new nation internet scavenger huntA new nation internet scavenger hunt
Click on the red highlighted links to travel to sites where you will find answers to the questions below. If there is no highlighted link in the question, the answer can be found at the site of the previously highlighted link
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How Did the Constitution Guard Against Tyranny?How Did the Constitution Guard Against Tyranny?
James Madison was one of the principle authors of the “Federalist Papers”. They were written and circulated during the ratification (approval) process of the Constitution. They were written to gain support for the Constitution
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Expository reading and writingExpository reading and writing
Write brief reflective compositions on topics related to text, exploring the significance of personal experiences, events, conditions, or concerns by using rhetorical strategies
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L. J. 699 Length: 29822 words article: Legalism and Decisionism in Crisis nameL. J. 699 Length: 29822 words article: Legalism and Decisionism in Crisis name
Associates and Fellows Workshop at Columbia Law School, the Pace Law School Faculty Workshop, the Junior Faculty Workshop at Northeast Law and Society, and the Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association
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Unit Title: The Great Depression Lesson Title: Counteracting the Devastation of the Dust Bowl – Is that Constitutional? Lesson SynopsisUnit Title: The Great Depression Lesson Title: Counteracting the Devastation of the Dust Bowl – Is that Constitutional? Lesson Synopsis
Primary sources to initiate further research about the need for government regulation during the Dust Bowl. They will also examine the Constitution to determine if they feel the government’s policies were Constitutional
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Jackson dbq lesson Plan Shorter Version (SV) day IJackson dbq lesson Plan Shorter Version (SV) day I
Standards: ss8A11 Provide supporting details for an answer from text, interview for oral history, check validity of information from research/text, and identify strong vs weak arguments
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Standards scope and sequence test items specificationsStandards scope and sequence test items specifications
Benchmark ss a 8 Strand A: American History Standard 4: Demonstrate an understanding of the domestic and international causes, course, and consequences of westward expansion
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Apush syllabus – Mr. Voss Course InformationApush syllabus – Mr. Voss Course Information
U. S. History. Because of the difficulty and concentration of material covered, interested students must have both an interest in U. S. History and the desire to refine skills of analysis and expression on a broad range of related topics
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Syllabus ap united States Government & PoliticsSyllabus ap united States Government & Politics
American political system within the context of its democratic tradition. One objective is to make students more aware of how and why their government functions as it does; a subsidiary objective is to provide students with the skills to evaluate politics
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Course Focus and ContentCourse Focus and Content
The history strand in Grades 5-6 is organized chronologically using the Eras and time periods from The National Center for History in the Schools (nchs)
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Portfolio Audit/Inventory Tool – Social Studies 10Portfolio Audit/Inventory Tool – Social Studies 10
A3 demonstrate effective written, oral, and graphic communication skills, individually and collaboratively
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U. S. History through reconstructionU. S. History through reconstruction
American history, and (3) the evolution of American institutions and ideals including the U. S. Constitution, representative democratic government, the framework of California state and local government
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The ConstitutionThe Constitution
Furthermore, government must be limited. The Declaration of Independence, written primarily by Jefferson, is both political and philosophical, emphasizing many of Locke's ideas
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