Delaware Recommended CurriculumDelaware Recommended Curriculum
This unit has been created as an exemplary model for teachers in (re)design of course curricula. An exemplary model unit has undergone a rigorous peer review and jurying process to ensure alignment to selected Delaware Content Standards
270.03 Kb. 7
Connecting Poetry & Art Lesson PlanConnecting Poetry & Art Lesson Plan
A poison Tree” and drawing Satan Exulting over Eve, analyzing the symbolism, metaphors, and imagery used. They identify themes explored in the poem and drawing and then write original poems about the same theme in a modern-day setting
56.41 Kb. 1
Letters from RifkaLetters from Rifka
Students also closely read and analyze firsthand accounts to help them understand the impact immigration had on people. They will compare these accounts with secondhand accounts to deepen their understanding of the topic
204.88 Kb. 5
English Language Arts Making a New NationEnglish Language Arts Making a New Nation
American Revolution. Using information from the texts, students will continue writing opinion pieces with a clear, logical structure and effective transitions linking opinions and reasons. Approximate Duration-5 weeks
1.6 Mb. 5
Table of Contents Early Explorations of the AmericasTable of Contents Early Explorations of the Americas
This curriculum supports the attainment of the following Grade 5 History-Social Science Standards for California Public Schools and Common Core State Standards
230.66 Kb. 3
Laurel Newman Literacy ProjectLaurel Newman Literacy Project
Yep, L. (2000). The journal of Wong Ming-Chung: a chinese miner, California, 1852
114.42 Kb. 1
Arizona college and career readyArizona college and career ready
English Language Arts/Literacy in History, Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects
5.51 Mb. 14
5th Grade Social Studies Unit: Native American and Early European Explorers In this unit5th Grade Social Studies Unit: Native American and Early European Explorers In this unit
Research a cultural narrative and explain its significance to the particular culture of study
49.97 Kb. 1
Performing Arts in Art Lesson PlanPerforming Arts in Art Lesson Plan
Greeks. They will discuss a page from a late-medieval choir book and compare and contrast the role of music in antiquity, the Renaissance, and today
65.47 Kb. 1
Gods, Heroes and Monsters: Mythology in European Art Lesson PlanGods, Heroes and Monsters: Mythology in European Art Lesson Plan
Students will examine Rembrandt’s painting The Abduction of Europa and discuss how the artist has taken an ancient Greek myth and contemporized it for a 17th-century Dutch audience
36.03 Kb. 1
Villa Summer Institute Lesson PlanVilla Summer Institute Lesson Plan
After researching, studying, and viewing reproductions of artworks that depict gods and goddesses, students transport their chosen deities to the modern world as characters they write about in a mock television talk-show script
61.49 Kb. 1
Language and LevelLanguage and Level
As they travel the island they will visit various sites and encounter island specialties. They will work with a classmate to design their ideal short term vacation in Puerto Rico and will create a campaign that will draw attention to the
26.25 Kb. 1
Topic/Subject Who were the spies of the Revolutionary War and how did they help win the war? Texts/ResourcesTopic/Subject Who were the spies of the Revolutionary War and how did they help win the war? Texts/Resources
This gradated approach helps support students’ ability to read the next selection and to become ‘experts’ on the topic they are reading about
79.49 Kb. 1
Topic/Subject The Salem Witch Trials Texts/ResourcesTopic/Subject The Salem Witch Trials Texts/Resources
Who Were the Accused Witches of Salem? And Other Questions about the Witchcraft Trials
90.62 Kb. 1

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