Section I time—55 minutes 70 Questions DirectionsSection I time—55 minutes 70 Questions Directions
Directions: Each of the incomplete statements or questions below is followed by five answer choices. Choose the answer that is best
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Keesing\Keesing's Record of World Events (formerly Keesing's Contemporary Archives)
Ogaden Area recaptured by Ethiopian Forces with Soviet and Cuban Support -international Ramifications of Ethiopian-Somali Conflict Incipient Soviet and Cuban Involvement in Ethiopian Warfare against Eritrean Secessionists -political Assassinations
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Henry Cabot Lodge\Henry Cabot Lodge's Objections to Article 10 of the Treaty of Versailles (1919)
League of Nations. He believed that membership in the League of Nations would entangle the United States in foreign affairs and prevent the country from acting independently in such matters
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Why Did Congress Reject The League of Nations? DirectionsWhy Did Congress Reject The League of Nations? Directions
Directions: Using your copy of the textbook and the documents provided, complete the following activities
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Federalism and Regionalism in Contemporary RussiaFederalism and Regionalism in Contemporary Russia
Professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology
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Apush ch. 28 & 29 Quiz Multiple ChoiceApush ch. 28 & 29 Quiz Multiple Choice
Most muckrakers believed that their primary function in the progressive attack on social ills was to
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From Blood and BelongingFrom Blood and Belonging
Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Looking back now, I can see that I lived through the last imperial age, the last time when the nation-states of the world were clearly allocated to two opposing spheres of influence
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