Eye Witness Accounts of the Assassination of Abraham LincolnEye Witness Accounts of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Reading Comprehension 3 Find similarities and differences between text in similarity, scope, or organization of ideas
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Government Lesson Plan Nick KukarolaGovernment Lesson Plan Nick Kukarola
Reflection – This should be completed by the teacher education candidate upon completion of the lesson and discussed with cooperating teacher
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Part Music of the Vietnam War EraPart Music of the Vietnam War Era
This has been, and is, a highly successful unit for me in involving students in the study of the war. Listening to music does not seem like school work! I think it can be a significant research experience
43.41 Kb. 1
Subunit on the Maya CivilizationSubunit on the Maya Civilization
In accordance with my contextualized teaching and learning theory, my assessments will provide closure as students are assessed to ensure authentic retention and transfer of concepts for my instructional design
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J. Paul Getty Museum Education DepartmentJ. Paul Getty Museum Education Department
Students use this as a basis on which to write a sequential narrative about their animal and its relationship to its environment. This lesson is an extension to the Open Court Reader second grade unit on animal camouflage called “Look
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Lesson plan template top of FormLesson plan template top of Form
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Civics in ActionCivics in Action
This draft is designed to give teachers some guidance in how effectively to incorporate regular classroom debates into their lesson plans
201.95 Kb. 3
To Cut a Long Story Short… Feride Hekimgil, TurkeyTo Cut a Long Story Short… Feride Hekimgil, Turkey
27.77 Kb. 1
Let There Be English GrammarLet There Be English Grammar
41.93 Kb. 1
Grade Level: 4 Subject Matter: Virginia Studies Time AllotmentGrade Level: 4 Subject Matter: Virginia Studies Time Allotment
Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, and John Brown and explain their contributions to the secession and war
18.88 Kb. 1
Integrated Math, Science, and Technology 11/99Integrated Math, Science, and Technology 11/99
Students will use published data to model the rates of change in different aspects of the semiconductor and computer industry and then use their models to predict aspects of the next 5 to 10 years of computing
110.73 Kb. 1
Elementary schoolElementary school
Sheboygan Area School District because of your efforts, talents and professionalism. Every day you communicate an important message to parents ensuring them of their child’s safety, well-being, and educational growth
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