Shinsengumi: The Shogun’s Last Samurai CorpsShinsengumi: The Shogun’s Last Samurai Corps
English. I have not necessarily adhered to translations of terms that have been used by other writers. I have not pluralized Japanese terms, but a plural or singular meaning should be clear from the context in which a term is used
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Just English. Advanced Course. Unit 4 All rights reserved  unit monarchy debateJust English. Advanced Course. Unit 4 All rights reserved  unit monarchy debate
Should Britain have an elected head of state, like many other Western democracies?
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The scottish wars of independence, 1286–1328The scottish wars of independence, 1286–1328
Edward’s fight in France. This sparked the conflict between Scotland and England which would last until 1328. Men such as William Wallace and Robert the Bruce rose to prominence in their campaigns against Edward
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\"Mummy\"Mummy's Curse" Legend Won't Die
Movie mummies are known for two things: fabulous riches and a nasty curse that brings treasure hunters to a bad end. But Hollywood didn't invent the curse concept
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John anthony casey, jrJohn anthony casey, jr
Searching for a War of One’s Own: Stephen Crane, The Red Badge of Courage, and the Glorious Burden of the Civil War Veteran
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