Smithsonian American Art Museum The West as AmericaSmithsonian American Art Museum The West as America
Art is not necessarily history; seeing is not necessarily believing. The intention of the exhibition is not to criticize western art, but, on the contrary
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H. H. Homes, N. YH. H. Homes, N. Y
You may read Stapledon's work for his mysticism; for the social sym­bolism and commentary on man im­plicit in his studies of other beings; for the bubbling ingenuity of his ideas; for the depth of his tragic sense; for the splendor of his
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A renaissance perspective on the empirical study of literatureA renaissance perspective on the empirical study of literature
Hoorn, J. F. (2001). A renaissance perspective on the empirical study of literature. An example from psychophysiology. In D. H. Schram & G. Steen (Eds.), The psychology and sociology of literature (pp. 129-143). Amsterdam: John Benjamins
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Sample assessment scheduleSample assessment schedule
Examine involves explaining the meanings and how these are conveyed through the features of art works. It is the connection between the meanings and how they are conveyed that is the key focus
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The Technique and Restoration of Cima\The Technique and Restoration of Cima's ‘The Incredulity of S. Thomas’ Jill Dunkerton and Ashok Roy
Gallery Technical Bulletin’, pp. 38–59. The documented physical history of the painting up to its acquisition by the National Gallery in 1870 was also described since this may explain the considerable amount of damage the work has suffered and the fragile
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Person Centered Marxism for the 21 st CenturyPerson Centered Marxism for the 21 st Century
For more than a century, conflicting interpretations of Karl Marx have left the world in a quandary. Was he a hard line communist? An idealistic tyrant? A misanthrope? Or
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Hume’s \"sceptical solution\"Hume’s "sceptical solution"
The “impression” of this feeling the experience of the connection is what gives us the idea of a cause
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