Ck to the 1st door you saw and open it. When inside, tell the kids you have a solution for everyone and for the secretary to take down their names. When inside your office, pick up all the junk mail and papers to get the package
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The Dr. Sam Sheppard Trial by Douglas O. Linder (2006)The Dr. Sam Sheppard Trial by Douglas O. Linder (2006)
Sheppard, the wife of a handsome thirty-year-old doctor, Sam Sheppard, was brutally murdered in the bedroom of their home in Bay Village, Ohio, on the shore of Lake Erie
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Munich crisisMunich crisis
The black door of Number 10. A policeman stands guard. A cat lies next to the morning’s milk and newspapers
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The Last Days of HitlerThe Last Days of Hitler
Berlin. He was joined byEva Braun, Gretl Braun, Joseph Goebbels, Magda Goebbels, Hermann Fegelein, Rochus Misch, Martin Bormann, Arthur Bormann, Walter Hewell,Julius Schaub, Erich Kempka, Heinz Linge, Ernst-Gunther Schenck, Otto Günsche
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Chapter 1: a storm is comingChapter 1: a storm is coming
Hey Jayne! Mom said Erin is coming and we have to get ready for her,” Marie called to her older sister outside. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze blowing
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