Assessment task (Total marks: 60) Weighting: 15%Assessment task (Total marks: 60) Weighting: 15%
H 1 describe and assess the significance of key people, groups, events, institutions, societies and sites within their historical context
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Sparta Flash Card #24: technology: potterySparta Flash Card #24: technology: pottery
It not only flourished, but Sparta saw a variety of activities: pottery, reliefs, and even masks. However, the most famous of Spartan art (the VIX krater and the pottery of the Arkesilaos Painter) are still unavailable
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Dbq: Athenian Democracy Historical ContextDbq: Athenian Democracy Historical Context
Athenians were also fortunate that they had leaders who believed in the power of democracy and created some of the first laws to protect individual rights
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Periods of Greek HistoryPeriods of Greek History
Use of copper and bronze tools and weapons. Mycenian kingdoms and the world of Homer
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Source: Aristotle The Politics Book Two : VISource: Aristotle The Politics Book Two : VI
Lacedaemonian because it is made up of oligarchy, monarchy, and democracy, the king forming the monarchy, and the council of elders the oligarchy while the democratic element is represented by the Ephors; for the Ephors are selected from
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2013 Area f greek History Test Bronze Age through Archaic Greece2013 Area f greek History Test Bronze Age through Archaic Greece
What Bronze Age culture based on Crete built large palaces and is thought to have traded widely across the Mediterranean?
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Spartan Hoplite \"Inspirers\"Spartan Hoplite "Inspirers"
Now it appears to have been the practice for every youth of good character to have his lover; and on the other hand every well-educated man was bound by custom to be the lover of some youth
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Title: Religion SourceTitle: Religion Source
Source: Spartan Society from Antiquity 2 by T. Hurley, P. Medcalf, C. Murray, J. Rolph
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