776, with the first Olympics776, with the first Olympics
Mother-cities and their colonies usually maintained close ties, but the colony was an independent city-state
39.61 Kb. 1
Periods of Greek HistoryPeriods of Greek History
Use of copper and bronze tools and weapons. Mycenian kingdoms and the world of Homer
9 Kb. 1
Fjcl hellenic History Study Guide (shortened) All dates are bcFjcl hellenic History Study Guide (shortened) All dates are bc
Olympics (In the later 700s, eighth century). The Greek city-states began to found colonies. When a colony was founded, the oecist, the leader of the colonists, usually an outcast noble
27.11 Kb. 1
Directons IDirectons I
Greek political system. Read it carefully and highlight/underline information you see as important, circle words or concepts that seem confusing and make brief notes in the space on the right. This is called annotating a document
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