The Global Cold WarThe Global Cold War
War has been taught as a series of aggressive moves by the Soviets, countered by U. S. efforts to stop the spread of communism and to promote democracy. Recent scholarship, however
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U name Key ghsgt/eoct social Studies Test ReviewU name Key ghsgt/eoct social Studies Test Review
S. History gps #’s 11 & 12 – review (Rise of Big Business, Industrial growth, and Immigration)
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U. S. History Spring Exam ReviewU. S. History Spring Exam Review
How did things change on the home front for African-Americans during the war years?
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Who won the Cuban Missile Crisis?Who won the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Once you know the areas you are least confident on reflect on why. What needs to change to make you confident on it? Sort that out, and then learn it. Be active, use all the resources the school has given you to help you
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The Start of the Cold War (1945 – 1949) CapitalismThe Start of the Cold War (1945 – 1949) Capitalism
Communist Party controlled every aspect of life in the country. Both sides distrusted and feared the intentions of the other side
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Identifying key terms, people, and placesIdentifying key terms, people, and places
Match each name with the correct statement below. You will not use all the names
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World Cultures Review Europe Ancient GreeceWorld Cultures Review Europe Ancient Greece
Socrates/philosophy and developing the idea of “ethics”
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Cold War Review Sheet IntroductionCold War Review Sheet Introduction
The United States preached Democracy and Capitalism while the Soviet Union wanted to spread Communism and keep a strict control on wealth and power. These two ideologies could not coexist peacefully and the world entered into a near half-century of The
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Modern Europe Assessment Which of these factors bestModern Europe Assessment Which of these factors best
Which of these factors best helps to explain why a strong navy and a large fleet of trading ships have been an important part of Great Britain's history?
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For the teacherFor the teacher
Since their purpose is to analyze kinds of information rather than to absorb all the information they encounter, your students will participate actively with historical data in the way that historians do when they conduct research
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World WarIIWorld WarII
Trials-Nazi leaders were tried for “Crimes against Humanity” Most were accused and executed. Germany was divided into 4 occupation zones and Japan was occupied by U. S., founding of United Nations, Destruction and immense loss of life
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Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin
He was his mother's fourth child to be born in less than four years. The first three died and as Joseph was prone to bad health, his mother feared on several occasions that he would also die
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