American Indian People and TribesAmerican Indian People and Tribes
There are few subjects in the history and law of the United States on which public views are more dramatically and flagrantly erroneous than on the subject of Indian affairs.”
83.9 Kb. 1
§ 143 300 Payments of judgments; compromise and settlement of claims§ 143 300 Payments of judgments; compromise and settlement of claims
This section does not waive the sovereign immunity of the State with respect to any claim. A payment of a judgment or settlement of a claim against a State employee or several State employees as joint tort feasors may not exceed the amount payable for one claim
4.2 Kb. 1
Accountability Without Hypocrisy: Consistent Standards, Honest HistoryAccountability Without Hypocrisy: Consistent Standards, Honest History
This paper is an edited version of a talk I gave at a symposium discussing responses to rogue states. My assigned topic was the use of civil litigation as a means of holding such states accountable for their human rights abuses
73.11 Kb. 1
House of lordsHouse of lords
Judgment Regina v. Bartle and the Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis and Others Ex Parte Pinochet
401.08 Kb. 8
A. Interpretation Judicial restrictions must directlyA. Interpretation Judicial restrictions must directly
Dufresne 71 (Armand, Chief Justice of Maine Supreme Court, 273 A. 2d 732; 1971 Me. Lexis 293, Emile blier V. Inhabitants of town of fort kent; Emile blier V. Clarence blier, lexis)
195.8 Kb. 65


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