Constitution was established?Constitution was established?
After Georgia becomes an independent state, Georgia needed a new permanent constitution and an organized government. What 1st constitution was established?
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Abigail Philip Dr. J. Elizabeth Clark & Dr. Lorraine CohenAbigail Philip Dr. J. Elizabeth Clark & Dr. Lorraine Cohen
His ideologies, practice of non violence, his life in the church and the impact of Mahatma Gandhi has greatly affected his philosophy and made him the great leader he was. Dr
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Teaching for Understanding Unit RedesignTeaching for Understanding Unit Redesign
Do not delete the black writing prompts. Tables sometimes “misbehave” at page breaks; to be sure you have included all sections, you might want to print the template before completing it
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Everything You Will Need to Know About…Everything You Will Need to Know About…
The North and South disagree over some issues, and these disagreements will lead to war
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Jacksonian DemocracyJacksonian Democracy
Directions: Complete the following using your notes from class and p. 395-401 in you book
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