Civics Pre-Test Multiple ChoiceCivics Pre-Test Multiple Choice
According to the Declaration of Independence, what is the purpose of government if citizens already have natural rights that do not come from human authority?
253.25 Kb. 3
Politics 1100 Professor LowryPolitics 1100 Professor Lowry
Madison to write this: “It seems now to be pretty well understood that the real difference of interests lies not between the large and small but between the northern and southern states. The institution of slavery and its consequences form the line
18.02 Kb. 1
Tying Up Loose Ends: The Capture of Jefferson DavisTying Up Loose Ends: The Capture of Jefferson Davis
Civil War. Even though his top General had surrendered, C. S. A. President Jefferson Davis did not believe that the war was over. He still held out hope that the Confederacy would live on as an independent nation
5.31 Kb. 1


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