Name Ms. K. DemircanliName Ms. K. Demircanli
Tang China emerged as one of the greatest empires in the medieval world. Merchants, clerics, and envoys from India, Persia, Arabia, Syria, Korea, and Japan thronged the streets of Chang'an, the capital
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Justin t walkup Felicia DziadekJustin t walkup Felicia Dziadek
United States and a reunion of the northern and southern states. Over the course of the war, many slaves were freed or escaped from the south and fought for the north to end slavery
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Whitesboro Middle School Grade 7 Social Studies Curriculum July 2015Whitesboro Middle School Grade 7 Social Studies Curriculum July 2015
Throughout the course, teachers should help students see connections across time. For example, when examining indentured servitude and slavery, teachers could examine human trafficking
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