A highly developed agriculture b monotheistic practicesA highly developed agriculture b monotheistic practices
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The Trinity of ManThe Trinity of Man
I was struck by three key components of their social downfall. None have anything to do with the arrival of the Spanish. There are numerous theories as to their collapse at an apex around 900 ce but the three elements I consider key are
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Welfare states and environmental statesWelfare states and environmental states
A scenario of integrated social and environmental investment is adumbrated and some preconditions for this to emerge are discussed. The paper calls for more collaborative work between students of welfare and environmental policies
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Chapter one : the study of a megachurch congregationChapter one : the study of a megachurch congregation
Congregations everywhere are thick gatherings of complicated actions, each parish distinctive in its expression, each possessing its own genius yet incarnating in that peculiarity the worldly message and mission of Christ
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Ras transactionsRas transactions
Korean scholarly projects. The Council of the Royal Asiatic Society, by action at its May 1971 meeting, voted to dedicate this volume of the Transactions to the memory of Mr. Wilbur D. Bacon
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