Second Hundred Days/ Second New DealSecond Hundred Days/ Second New Deal
Eleanor Roosevelt- wife of fdr, social reformer who traveled the country observing the social conditions of the country. Urged fdr to appointment women to gov’t positions and reminded him of the nationals suffering people
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The Peril of Genocide Benjamin MeichesThe Peril of Genocide Benjamin Meiches
Even vehement critics of ‘new war theory’ frequently draw surprising correlations between war and genocide. 4 These connections suggest that genocide has become an important object of knowledge and contestation in dialogues surrounding
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Messadie Messadié, Gérald. A history of the DevilMessadie Messadié, Gérald. A history of the Devil
Messadie discusses religious thought through time, including the French Revolution
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Abstract: BackgroundAbstract: Background
Iran. This paper is a survey of modern nursing transformation history in the historical period of world wars and their impact on the development of the nursing profession in Iran
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From Rawlsian Autonomy to Sufficient OpportunityFrom Rawlsian Autonomy to Sufficient Opportunity
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Addressing theAddressing the
There is now a dangerous escalation of terrorist campaigns with all the hallmarks of
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Florence Nightingale 1820 – 1910Florence Nightingale 1820 – 1910
Florence in 1820. During her early life she and her sister were educated by a governess. Later, her father took over their education. Florence enjoyed education and could read and speak latin
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