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Tci. Our goal is to help students like you succeed in learning about history in a way that is fun and exciting. With the help of teachers from around the nation, we’ve created the tci approach to learning
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The End of Puritanism: American Perception of Sexuality from 1950s up to todayThe End of Puritanism: American Perception of Sexuality from 1950s up to today
We have decided to research the main factors that played drastic role in the changing process of that perception. It was proposed to divide the project into time periods for the sake of better understanding of progression of the events and references of the
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Section 3 Feudalism: Establishing OrderSection 3 Feudalism: Establishing Order
By the High Middle Ages (about 1000 C. E.), Europeans had developed the system of feudalism. Feudalism provided people with protection and safety by establishing a stable social order
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Middle Ages: 450-1300 RenaissanceMiddle Ages: 450-1300 Renaissance
Define Renaissance: term used to describe the cultural achievements of the 14th-16th centuries
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Western europe during the middle agesWestern europe during the middle ages
The fall of the Roman Empire in 476 C. E. marks the beginning of the period in Europe known as the Middle Ages. In this chapter, you will learn about a political and economic system that developed during the Middle Ages
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It would be a rough draft essay. Cross out words / phrases with one line. Go back and add words / phrases if you need to. Use Past tense. It would be an academic essay – use appropriate language. You would refrain from using the pronouns
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A background reading linking classical to modern timesA background reading linking classical to modern times
Rome from within while Germanic tribes invaded the Empire from the North and East. The fall of Rome actually occurred gradually over a period of many years, but is usually set at 476 A. D
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Ancient Hellas 403 bcAncient Hellas 403 bc
Greek tribes, the Aeolians, Ionians and Dorians.­ The Aeolians settled the southeastern end of the Balkan Peninsula; the Ionians the southeastern tip of the peninsula
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History of our worldHistory of our world
To understand today's world, we must learn about its past. Ancient civilizations laid strong foundations for modern cultures. The early ages of world history have added greatly to those cultures
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One of Dicken’s most famous novels is a christmas Carol Yes! but no ItsOne of Dicken’s most famous novels is a christmas Carol Yes! but no Its
Carol Yes! but no Its Great Expectations! Bah Humbug! That is the usual reaction I receive upon starting this novel with students. Upon completion, they either love it or hate it…let’s see where you will stand! But first
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Elizabethan Research ProjectElizabethan Research Project
Romeo and Juliet it is important that we understand who Shakespeare was, the time period he lived in, and how his life influenced his writing
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The congress of vienna, liberalism, nationalism andThe congress of vienna, liberalism, nationalism and
Study the photocopies, questions, charts, maps and text we have used to review for the exam
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Name Due Date ClassName Due Date Class
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Welcome to the Great ExpectationsWelcome to the Great Expectations
Great Expectations in serial form in “All Year Round,” a Victorian periodical or literary. This web quest will help you understand the historical context of Victorian England in which Dickens was writing as well as important issues and themes that Dickens wrestles
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