The Violence of the Green RevolutionThe Violence of the Green Revolution
Pakistan, and has through five big rivers streaming in it naturally a high fertility and also a high population density. Of the total area of 50. 38 lakh hectares of Punjab, 42 lakh hectares are under agriculture
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Prof. John H. MunroProf. John H. Munro
Readings: Within each of the following sections, all readings are listed in the chronological order of original publication, when that can be ascertained. The more important are indicated by asterisks
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Land Speculation and the Development of Fresno County: 1860 to 1891Land Speculation and the Development of Fresno County: 1860 to 1891
California, purchased 98,478 acres of “swampland” alone. 2 The actions of these unscrupulous buyers would be felt on a state-wide level: by the 1870s, all of the state’s most easily arable land had been sold off
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Movement of the Great DepressionMovement of the Great Depression
The textbook I use in the classroom and even the famous movie and book, The Grapes of Wrath, do indeed support this idea. This idea has been researched through the writings of both Walter J. Stein’s California and the Dust Bowl Migration
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