What is it like to think thatWhat is it like to think that
Kobes (1995), Langsam (2000), Levine (1993; 1995), Loar (1987; 1998), McGinn (1992), McCulloch (1999), Moore (1962), Peacocke (1998), Schweizer (1994), Searle (1990), Siewert
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11ap transcendentalism Unit11ap transcendentalism Unit
Transcendentalism. The purpose of the assignment below is for you to have an understanding of what Transcendentalism is, how the ideas continue to resonate in American society today
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The scope of Nature Nature is universal and inescapableThe scope of Nature Nature is universal and inescapable
John Stuart Mill (British philosopher, 1806-1873), “Nature” in Readings in Philosophy, 3rd edition, ed by J. H. Randall, Justus Buchler, and Evelyn Shirk, 1972
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