Background Reading Ebooks/ChaptersBackground Reading Ebooks/Chapters
Birkhimer, William Edward. (1884). Historical Sketch of the Organization, Administration, Material and Tactics of the Artillery, United States Army, (pp. 84-103). Washington dc: James J. Chapman
46.57 Kb. 1
The Statue of LibertyThe Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty is not only the tallest statue in America, it is also one of the most recognizable American symbols
48.36 Kb. 1
The faculty of orthodox theologyThe faculty of orthodox theology
Chapter II. Scientific findings as "revelation" of God; Scientist as an instrument of God
170.97 Kb. 2
*The Anecdotes of Sayagyi u ba Khin, ii*The Anecdotes of Sayagyi u ba Khin, ii
296.73 Kb. 5
Augustine’s “death”: books IX and X of the ConfessionsAugustine’s “death”: books IX and X of the Confessions
Having reached the time of the vacation in Cassiciacum, we have a new perspective on the pilgrimage of Augustine’s soul. So far, we could only observe Augustine either as the protagonist or the narrator of his life’s story
28.14 Kb. 1
The solid arrow represents Confederate troop movementsThe solid arrow represents Confederate troop movements
Confederate victory on the map. Find the dotted arrow in the in the key that represents Union troop movements. Trace over the arrow with a different colored pencil, marker, or pen. Shade in the battle symbol that will show a Union victory
21.48 Kb. 1
Parsha : bereishitParsha : bereishit
The Best of Parshat HaShavuah” Articles taken from list subscriptions on the internet, edited, reformatted and printed for members of Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu
310.93 Kb. 7
Yeshivat har etzionYeshivat har etzion
Yosef then asked Pharaoh for permission to bury Yaakov in the grave which had been prepared in Canaan. Pharaoh acceded to this request and a great entourage accompanied them until they reached Goren Ha-atad
15.65 Kb. 1
The Cosmic Perspective, 7e (Bennett et al.) Chapter 3 The Science of AstronomyThe Cosmic Perspective, 7e (Bennett et al.) Chapter 3 The Science of Astronomy
Suppose the planet Uranus were much brighter in the sky, so that it was as easily visible to the naked eye as Jupiter or Saturn. Which one of the following statements would most likely be true in that case?
132.03 Kb. 1
The Red Badge of CourageThe Red Badge of Courage
Considered one of the most influential works in American literature, Red Badge of Courage chronicles a young recruit’s experience in the American Civil war
22.42 Kb. 1
All That It TakesAll That It Takes
Joshua is about the Israelite's conquest of the Promised Land after having wandered in the wilderness for forty years. Last week we heard how God stopped the flow of the Jordan River so the Chosen People could walk across on dry ground
15.27 Kb. 1


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