Nineteenth-Century Literature CriticismNineteenth-Century Literature Criticism
Title: a new Woman's Journey into Insanity: Descent and Return in The Yellow Wallpaper
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American Women Writers before the 19th Century* Fall 2010American Women Writers before the 19th Century* Fall 2010
The Coquette (1797) by Hannah W. Foster (1762-1837) were the two best-selling novels in early American literature. Together, the four writers and their works reveal the ideology and the material conditions under which these women writers produced
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Faculty of ArtsFaculty of Arts
Slavery’s Shadows Fall Even There”: The Experience of a Free Black Woman in the North
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Textual annotationsTextual annotations
Referring to George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788-1824), Crafts writes that truth is "stranger than fiction." Ironically, Byron wrote that "truth is always strangemstranger than fiction" in his major work of fiction, Don Juan
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Madame BovaryMadame Bovary
In the following essay, Williams discusses Flaubert's belief in the influence of cultural conditioning as a determinant of gender roles
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