Ancient China WebQuest British Museum Name: DirectionsAncient China WebQuest British Museum Name: Directions
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Animal experimentationAnimal experimentation
I animals are non-moral creatures and, as such, humans have no moral obligation towards them
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Opening ActivityOpening Activity
I” and the article “Excerpt from The Many Rides of Paul Revere: The Boston Tea Party” are written from different points of view. How do the different points of view affect the understanding of the events surrounding the Boston Tea Party?
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Instead link to my web site atInstead link to my web site at
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Telegraph: Early Postal RoleTelegraph: Early Postal Role
Although chains of relay towers extended the reach of transmissions, optical telegraphs could not be used at night or in bad weather
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First GenerationFirst Generation
Note: There are several conflicting traditions concerning the ancestors of Joseph Hedges, the early Bourbon County, Kentucky, pioneer. Many of these are represented in articles on the Hedges family. It is not my purpose here to sort these out; but to simply
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Kings and Heroes as Friends and Foes: the Example of Si\\rat cAntarKings and Heroes as Friends and Foes: the Example of Si\rat cAntar
The article proposes that the development of such a pattern of conflict is important to the narrative structure of the literary genre of the siyar
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The secret war exposedThe secret war exposed
Many other claims and revalations that are linked to the 'war' between the human and serpant races within, beyond, below, and above this 'world' that we know, I have decided to include this large file with the other information on the Hopi
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