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Kelton's scrutiny and persuasion. This historical sketch is a component of a website proposed as a gift to the City of Franklin from Kelton. Congratulations are extended to Kelton for eagerly pursuing this meaningful project
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Eph Hanks Pioneer ScoutEph Hanks Pioneer Scout
In spring a few desert flowers grow around its base. In summer the red dust simmers in the air. During the day the dark mouths of deserted Indian caves stare hauntingly out at the endless vista of sagebrush
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Isaac M. Shepard Birth: 2 September 1806 in Connecticut Arrived in UtahIsaac M. Shepard Birth: 2 September 1806 in Connecticut Arrived in Utah
Arrived in Utah: Autumn of 1848 in Brigham Young 3rd Company, Lorenzo Snow Division
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Jacksonian Democracy 1824-1844Jacksonian Democracy 1824-1844
Texas because (A) he feared war with Mexico would be the result
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Chapter 7 Study Guide Settling the Great Basin NotesChapter 7 Study Guide Settling the Great Basin Notes
What were the three most important tasks facing the Mormon pioneers once they arrived in Salt Lake?
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American West Revision NotesAmerican West Revision Notes
Remember, when you are revising for the American West unit, that it is best tackled by dividing it up into the various sections. However, remember that all these things happen at the same time
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Mining and natural resourcesMining and natural resources
Excel to calculate the quantity of rock removed from the Bingham Copper Pit, one of the world’s largest open-pit mines. In addition
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