Prehistoric BritainPrehistoric Britain
Britain was a part of the European land mass until the end of the last Ice Age, around 6000 bc, when the English Channel was formed by melting ice
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British history tallinn french schoolBritish history tallinn french school
By about 6000 bc the melting of the ice sheet had created the English Channel, and Britain became an island
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Hypocaust systemHypocaust system
They did not only go to the public baths to get clean but also to meet with friends and exercise. There were also places to eat, rest
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Roman Baths Roman LifeRoman Baths Roman Life
This interactive education session responds to the National Curriculum. It is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils but can be differentiated for a range of ages and abilities. Individual requirements can be discussed with the education team when planning
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Roman Baths & Pump Room Visitor CodeRoman Baths & Pump Room Visitor Code
Monument. It is visited by over a million people a year, who come for a variety of different purposes. This means that it can become very busy
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Bibliography Images \"The Roman Baths in England a Legend and History.\"Bibliography Images "The Roman Baths in England a Legend and History."
The Roman Baths in England a Legend and History. Whatafy rss. N. p., n d. Web. 09 De
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Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome!Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome!
Imagine that you could use a time machine to journey back in time to an ancient land with a new lifestyle, clothes, government, and even toys! What if people used chariots instead of cars or went to school before sunrise?
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