The Roaring TwentiesThe Roaring Twenties
Art Deco peaked, and finally the Wall Street Crash of 1929 served to punctuate the end of the era, as The Great Depression set in
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Exam is cumulative, however, more emphasis will be placed on the 2nd half of the course
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21. 1 Causes Of The Great Depression21. 1 Causes Of The Great Depression
Republican decade. Beginning in 1920, Republican Presidents led the nation and took credit for the good economic times. In 1928, the country continued to support the Republicans by electing Herbert Hoover President
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The roaring twentiesThe roaring twenties
The Jazz Age” that swung many people into the rhythm of Jazz. Overall it shaped the generations afterwards, whether using the influences as a platform to alter into an original trend, regenerating ideas of the past
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Roaring 20’s/Great Depression Newspaper ProjectRoaring 20’s/Great Depression Newspaper Project
The Roaring Twenties was a time of great excitement in America! New fashion, jazz music, sports, and the stock market are just a few of the highlights! The Great Depression, however, was a time of economic and emotional struggles
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The Stock Market Crash of 1929 The Beginning of the EndThe Stock Market Crash of 1929 The Beginning of the End
John Brooks in Once in Golconda, a British Correspondent, after arriving in New York in 1929, reported “You could talk about Prohibition, or Hemingway, or air conditioning, or music, or horses
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