Jose MartiJose Marti
What remains of the village in America must rouse itself. These are not the times for sleeping in a nightcap, but with weapons for a pillow, like the warriors of Juan de Castellanos: weapons of the mind, which conquer all others
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5 Hegel’s pos pos introduction5 Hegel’s pos pos introduction
So process of the education which is going to be the reading of the book is going to be patching up with our own
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Life In the LabLife In the Lab
Although those animals are being used to test medical and scientific purposes that can affect us, it has been shown and proven that the tested animals are being abused and not treated well by the animal experimenters
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Lesson Title: Nelson Mandela, César E. Chávez, and Nonviolence Grade LevelLesson Title: Nelson Mandela, César E. Chávez, and Nonviolence Grade Level
Students analyze the instances of nation building in the contemporary world in Africa
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Aristotle and the Good LifeAristotle and the Good Life
You should aim to have read the texts set out in the reading list. To begin (and as a minimum) I suggest you start with ne I,II,X. Next read the Crisp article followed by Norman
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The Logic of Thumos and Mimesis in Plato’s RepublicThe Logic of Thumos and Mimesis in Plato’s Republic
Draft. Comments welcome. Please do not cite or circulate without author’s permission
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Varieties of HylomorphismVarieties of Hylomorphism
I will try to indicate why I favor it over the other variety of contemporary Hylomorphism that I look at as it is with understanding how these modern varieties of Hylomorphism relate to each other, and to Aristotle, with whom I begi
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Undergraduate fall 2015 course descriptionsUndergraduate fall 2015 course descriptions
An historical introduction to philosophy through readings and discussions on topics such as human identity, human understanding, and human values
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Selected Bibliography (Including Cultural Resources) Afanasiev, A. N., and Ivan Iakovlevich BilibinSelected Bibliography (Including Cultural Resources) Afanasiev, A. N., and Ivan Iakovlevich Bilibin
Albats, Yevgenia, trans by Catherine A. Fitzpatrick, The State Within a State: The kgb and Its Hold on Russia—Past, Present, and Future (1994)
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The Last Year of Malcolm X: a study in African American HumanismThe Last Year of Malcolm X: a study in African American Humanism
Nation in March of 1964 until his death just fifty weeks later, Malcolm preached a radically different message. A critical reading of Malcolm X’s own words unmistakably reveal a deeply religious, intelligent
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Bobby seale publisher\Bobby seale publisher's note
Ramparts magazine. The second series was made in the San Francisco County Jail. Art Goldberg, formerly an editor of Ramparts, was responsible for the editing of the transcribed tapes; however, Mr
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Publicity contactsPublicity contacts
Remember is a compelling thriller in which the darkest chapter of the 20th century collides with a contemporary mission of revenge
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What Every Student Should KnowWhat Every Student Should Know
B. A.'s are awarded every year in the "health professions" than in, say, English lit. No wonder. In terms of mean annual earnings, business grads do much better than the hapless English majors
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Whose Country is This?Whose Country is This?
The following was written by vice-president elect Calvin Coolidge. Calvin Coolidge then became President of the United States and served from 1923 to 1929
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What is the meaning of life?What is the meaning of life?
In philosophy classrooms and academic journals, however, the question has nearly disappeared, and when the question is brought up, by a naïve student, for example, or a prospective donor to the cause of a liberal arts education
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