Biblical Perspectives From God’s Word The Christian’s Perspective of The WorldBiblical Perspectives From God’s Word The Christian’s Perspective of The World
In this lesson we are going to be looking at how God views the world and what the Christian’s perspective to the world should be. This is a very important lesson as we will see how it is that we are to relate to the world and its pressures
27.02 Kb. 1
Agape Bible Church Basic Doctrinal SurveyAgape Bible Church Basic Doctrinal Survey
Circle the letter that best describes your position on each doctrine. Circle “true” or “false” on the T/F questions
124.88 Kb. 1
Text: John 8: 31-38Text: John 8: 31-38
They learned how to jump out of a perfectly good airplane into a hostile country, they overcame having bad commanders, they survived loosing comrades, they survived a harsh winter with very little supplies, they survived war!
16.63 Kb. 1
Financing the ColosseumFinancing the Colosseum
Where did the money come from to build this magnificent Roman structure? An extremely unusual inscription—one without any extant letters—points to the spoils from the Jerusalem Temple
92.93 Kb. 1
What Is Truth? 08-03-23-A. Es08-01What Is Truth? 08-03-23-A. Es08-01
Pontius Pilate: Prefect, not Proconsul, of Judea; Sejanus: Chief Administrator to Tiberius; the 3d Trial of Christ: before the Sanhedrin; the 4th Trial: before Pilate
57.07 Kb. 1

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