Recent Historiography on Religion and the American Civil War byRecent Historiography on Religion and the American Civil War by
American Civil War (1998), a collection of essays edited by Randall M. Miller, Harry S. Stout and George Reagan Wilson. Well-known historians such as Eugene D. Genovese, Daniel W. Stowell, Drew Gilpin Faust
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Seeley historical librarySeeley historical library
Why can the dead do such great things?: saints and worshippers from the martyrs to the Reformation. Princeton, nj: Princeton University Press, c 2013
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Modern French History 3rd fieldModern French History 3rd field
Bloch, Marc. The Historian’s Craft, trans by Peter Putnam
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Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen Zeitschrifteninhaltsdienst Theologie April 2016Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen Zeitschrifteninhaltsdienst Theologie April 2016
Andrews University Seminary studies : the journal of the Seventh-Day Adventist Theological Seminary of Andrews University
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