The socratic doctrine ofThe socratic doctrine of
This work by Professor Burnet is an important step in understanding the introduction of the Soul doctrine to Greco-Roman philosophy and thence to Trinitarian Christianity
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The Prophet Muhammad (3) Jim DavisThe Prophet Muhammad (3) Jim Davis
A comparative study in the field of religion accomplishes very little. It does little good to make a comparison of Christianity and Islam. A comparative study may be interesting but it will prove very little
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Foundations of Indian Civilization, 1500Foundations of Indian Civilization, 1500
India has three topographical zones: (1) the northern mountainous zone, (2) the Indus and Ganges Basins, and (3) the peninsula. The Vindhya Mountains and the Deccan plateau divide the peninsula from the other two zones
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India and Southeast Asia, 1500 b c. e.–1025 c eIndia and Southeast Asia, 1500 b c. e.–1025 c e
Describe the development and distinctive features of Indian religion, as well as the influence of Indian religion on South Asian culture
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