John 9 • The Cure, the Controversy, & the ConfessionJohn 9 • The Cure, the Controversy, & the Confession
Word (water to wine), by faith (healing the nobleman’s son), and by grace (healing the man by the pool). The last four signs show the results of salvation: satisfaction (feeding the 5,000), peace
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Conflicts in IdentityConflicts in Identity
Proceedings of the 2011 Anthropology Graduate Student Association Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium
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Sasanid Empire and Rise of Islam, 200-1200Sasanid Empire and Rise of Islam, 200-1200
Muhammad’s son-in-law/cousin; this group was distinguished as the Shi’ites which translates to “Partly of Ali.” The second group believed that leaders should be selected from the Muslim community at large and were called the Sunni
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Turkish Empires Rise in AnatoliaTurkish Empires Rise in Anatolia
As you read about the rise and decline of the Turkish Empire in Anatolia, make notes on the chart to describe the outcome of each action or situation
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