The Confucian Conception of Persons Gordy MowerThe Confucian Conception of Persons Gordy Mower
I will begin by briefly specifying the general outline of Strawson’s approach to persons. I will then take up in some detail Rosemont and Fingarette. This will leave only a little room at the end for Ames
32.7 Kb. 1
Exegesis-philippians 3: 7-16Exegesis-philippians 3: 7-16
Paul writes on the theme of Christ-like self-emptying for the sake of appropriately aligned relationships with both God and fellow believers
84.6 Kb. 1
Sayegh notes Joan Scott, \"Gender\"Sayegh notes Joan Scott, "Gender"
Some explanations of Joan Scott's, "Gender: a useful Category of Historical Analysis" in Gender and the Politics of History
51.25 Kb. 11


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