Indiana jones and the last crusadeIndiana jones and the last crusade
Fedora blows dust from the Cross, turning it in his hand, silently appraising its
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The narrator returned to Devon School, after fifteen yearsThe narrator returned to Devon School, after fifteen years
Gene returns to Devon in the late fall, bleak mood, his description of the season suggests he’s questioning his past, feels sorry for himself
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“Important Information” means notes, “Summarize Paragraph”“Important Information” means notes, “Summarize Paragraph”
As you read through this article, please high-light, circle, and/or underline important sentences, phrases or key words. “Important Information” means notes
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The Black House Stephen KingThe Black House Stephen King
A. M., and the sun stands low in the cloudless eastern sky, a fat, confident yellow-white ball advancing as ever for the first time toward the future and leaving in its wake the steadily accumulating past, which darkens as it recedes
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Dear colleaguesDear colleagues
I will be reporting more about those lines in another email; but today, as you look at the work going on and the highway behind it, you may be asking yourself, “Why is that ditch there anyway?”
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Action and AdventureAction and Adventure
Having trouble finding something to read? Check out the list of recommended summer reads listed by genre and reading level
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Part 2 Industrialization to the present IntroductionPart 2 Industrialization to the present Introduction
The year 1876 was the nation's centennial year. Just a century before, in 1776, Americans had declared their independence and begun a new nation, the United States of America
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Unearthing a RiotUnearthing a Riot
A nurse tells of a white man who confessed on his deathbed that he had killed many blacks during the riot and buried them near the railroad tracks and would do it again if he had to
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Felicity CastagnaFelicity Castagna
Australia from the Middle East’ (Pilger 5). The age-old question of who has the right to belong has consistently been driven by rhetoric about space, place, borders and territorial invasion
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Jimmy carter historical hikeJimmy carter historical hike
Hike is a 5-mile waling history lesson through the Jimmy Carter national Historic Site and Plains, ga. Plains is in Southwest Georgia on U. S. Highway 280 about 10 miles west of Americus. President and Mrs
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Directions to Ohmsett from jfk airport, New YorkDirections to Ohmsett from jfk airport, New York
Take Ramp (left) onto jfk expressway towards Airport Exit / Other Terminals 4 mi)
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