Airplane: wilbur and orville wrightAirplane: wilbur and orville wright
The Wrights made accurate measurements of how various parts of an airplane would perform. After testing several aircraft designs as gliders, they assembled an airplane and successfully flew it on December 17, 1903
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Economics wilfred Edward Graham SalterEconomics wilfred Edward Graham Salter
His success as an economic theorist lies in the fact that he understood when to apply the composite commodity theorem as an analytic tool, and when to avoid it
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Review of Books 52,6 (April 7, 2005) India: The War Over HistoryReview of Books 52,6 (April 7, 2005) India: The War Over History
Note: This is a private draft version supplied by the author for this website. The published version of this review article can be bought from the *nyrb website
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New Priorities for Disability Research in Europe: towards a user-led agendaNew Priorities for Disability Research in Europe: towards a user-led agenda
Nouvelles priorités de recherche sur le handicap en Europe: vers un agenda maitrisé par l’utilisateur final
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[Abraham Lincoln][Abraham Lincoln]
I would like to be able to speak of peace in our time, of war being outlawed, and of worldwide disarmament. These would be truly appropriate things to be able to mention as we celebrate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln
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Ssstj authors Guide 2016 General informationSsstj authors Guide 2016 General information
Technology are original and have not been published or submitted elsewhere. Submission of a paper to the Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Journal of Science and Technology implies that the authors concede to the open-access distribution of
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[Mostly background about Shaw and Ireland][Mostly background about Shaw and Ireland]
George Bernard Shaw did not always fit in with post-independence Ireland and the National Theatre but ‘Major Barbara’ continues a sort of rapprochement
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