M. A. Thesis: Propaganda der Mittelmächte im Orient während des WeltkriegsM. A. Thesis: Propaganda der Mittelmächte im Orient während des Weltkriegs
Doctorate (Ph. D.) Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, in Turkish Studies
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The CrusadesThe Crusades
Israel. To the Muslims, Jerusalem was the location where the Prophet Muhammad had ascended into heaven. After Makkah, and Medinah, Jerusalem was Islam’s third most holy city
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By riffat hassanBy riffat hassan
The context for bridge-building between muslims and non-muslims in the aftermath of september 11, 2001
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The Distorted Image of IslamThe Distorted Image of Islam
Muslim world or any acceptable explanation for what is going on. All these factors have contributed to the existing erroneous views about Islam
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3 The Sacred Sources of Islam3 The Sacred Sources of Islam
Here I would like to give attention to both external scholarship and internal statements of faith, in providing brief accounts of the sacred sources of Islam in the Prophet Muhammad, the Qur'an, and the complex known as Islamic law
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National qualifications curriculum supportNational qualifications curriculum support
Authority regularly reviews the arrangements for National Qualifications. Users of all nq support materials, whether published by lt scotland or others
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