The End of the Road: Canada as Refuge for U. S. SlavesThe End of the Road: Canada as Refuge for U. S. Slaves
Defenders of this institution manipulated scientific arguments and Biblical scripture to show that slavery was an acceptable practice. Other proponents suggested that the slaves were content in bondage
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Petra and the Place of Safety Study No. 127 God is Our Hiding PlacePetra and the Place of Safety Study No. 127 God is Our Hiding Place
Scripture is full of encouraging reminders that only the Eternal is our source of refuge and protection, and that we are not to worry and fret about coming dangers of famine, disease epidemics, war and earthquakes
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The Call of the Holy OneThe Call of the Holy One
God without embarrassment.” It kind of sounds to me like he wants God when he, the human being, calls, not vice versa. He doesn’t want God to bother him or make demands on him. Not much of a God! More of an idol, actually. How embarrassing!
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Gabriel Palma1Gabriel Palma1
Flying-geese and waddling-ducks: the different capabilities of East Asia and Latin America to
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Encountering God’s PresenceEncountering God’s Presence
The story of the Jewish people begins with the Patriarch Abraham. Abraham was 75 years old when he is called by God to leave the country of his father who had earlier moved from the city of Ur to Haran
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What the Arabs Say AboutWhat the Arabs Say About
The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is probably the most discussed conflict in the world today. Many opinions are published across the whole spectrum of political views and many initiatives offer solutions to the conflict
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“Oedipus and Moses”. by Jean Mélon“Oedipus and Moses”. by Jean Mélon
French which was published in the Cahier No 7, page 1-12. Avril 1996. The content of this Cahier was focused on “Ethnopsychologie”. The pictures in the original article have been left out in order to avoid copyright problems
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The transatlantic slave trade and the liberian civil warThe transatlantic slave trade and the liberian civil war
Two Hundred Years after the Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade: Issues and Perspectives
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Soviet Jewry as a Diaspora Nationality: the \Soviet Jewry as a Diaspora Nationality: the 'Black Years' Reconsidered
Arrest of Group of Saboteur Doctors' appeared on the front page of Pravda, accusing a number of mostly Jewish doctors of collaborating with Jewish organisations abroad to poison leading Kremlin officials
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Mesea conference 2002 Padua June 26-29 2002Mesea conference 2002 Padua June 26-29 2002
The Villa: Jefferson's Villa at Monticello: An Emblem of the Spatialization of Difference Leading to the Waging of a Civil War and the Drawing of a Color Line in America
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The Protestant Revolution Produces PuritismThe Protestant Revolution Produces Puritism
God's word. He ignited a fire of religious reform (the “Protestant Reformation”) that licked its way across Europe for more than a century, dividing peoples, toppling sovereigns
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Introduction to the prophetical booksIntroduction to the prophetical books
Moses, who was himself a prophet (Deut 18), God provided pro- phets to reveal His character and His Word to His covenant people, and to direct them to live in accordance with His will and Word
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Bibliography: african americans in the american westBibliography: african americans in the american west
The books listed below excellent sources of general information and for research on African American history in the West
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Why do we stay?Why do we stay?
Christian Church in modern society. This reading is needed in order to better capture some data, but it ends up insufficient for discerning what our reaction needs to be
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Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen Micronations from utopian communities to space settlementsOliver Kochta-Kalleinen Micronations from utopian communities to space settlements
We finally decided to invite the Principality of Sealand, the Kingdoms of Elgaland &Vargaland, the Remony of Ladonia, nsk-state in Time, Transnational Republic and the State of Sabotage
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