Warlord of MarsWarlord of Mars
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Chapter One: Alternate Originals: Canonizing English Translations of Cabeza de Vaca’s NaufragiosChapter One: Alternate Originals: Canonizing English Translations of Cabeza de Vaca’s Naufragios
En el qual subçedieron cosas de mucho dolor é triseça, é aun milagros en essos pocos que escaparon ó quedaron con la vida, despues de haber padesçido innumerable naufragios y peligros…”-Gonzalo Fernández de Oveido y Valdés
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Merchants-domestic mannersMerchants-domestic manners
Pennsylvania; (Essai Politique, tom. 11. p. 408;) he might have added, to the St. Lawrence. Our Puritan fathers found it in abundance on the New England coast, wherever they landed. See Morton, New England's Memorial
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This Supplement provides material which, for space reasons, wouldn't fit in my Mineral Mastery article in Grantville Gazette 23. Don't expect it to make much sense without reading the article!
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Goals of European ColonizationGoals of European Colonization
British, Spanish, and French. These three countries were driven by three basic motives: a desire for material gain, a desire to spread religion, and a desire to expand territory
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His 356 (Populist Movement)His 356 (Populist Movement)
National People’s Party. The Omaha Platform in 1892 demanded a safe currency for the workers. In the election of 1896, the populists agreed with a gold standard by William Jennings Bryan. The economic policies by the populists, as a whole
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Pre-Columbus Metalworking in the Americas Thomas LarsonPre-Columbus Metalworking in the Americas Thomas Larson
Thanks to preserved records and modern archeology, we now know that many native cultures possessed highly advanced metalworking techniques, although some of the greatest mysteries of early American metalworking remain yet unanswered
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