Shinsengumi: The Shogun’s Last Samurai CorpsShinsengumi: The Shogun’s Last Samurai Corps
English. I have not necessarily adhered to translations of terms that have been used by other writers. I have not pluralized Japanese terms, but a plural or singular meaning should be clear from the context in which a term is used
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Robert s. Mueller, IIIRobert s. Mueller, III
Id. In its opinion, the Court stated that its September 21, 2000 Order did not apply to the claims of non-Allied prisoners of war
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The Sins of Our Fathers By: Emily Frazer Senior SeminarThe Sins of Our Fathers By: Emily Frazer Senior Seminar
West Germany and of the unified Germany will be followed by the dissection of Germany’s national pride. By understanding these facets of the German life since 1945 we will come to a better supposition of the impact that stigmatization has had and continues to have
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The Jean Monnet ProgramThe Jean Monnet Program
Classical views about institutional balance simply stress that, in theory, the implementation of eu policies remains in the hands of national administration
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Address of the President of the Republic of Poland at the 69th Session of theAddress of the President of the Republic of Poland at the 69th Session of the
First, I extend my congratulations to Minister Sam Kutesa for being elected to the honourable post of Chairman of the Session
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The british and american constitutionsThe british and american constitutions
British Constitution, which he actually called the English Constitution. In his last completed novel, Our Mutual Friend, Mr Podsnap says: 'We Englishmen are very proud of our Constitution. It was bestowed upon us by providence
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