Station 1: Development of the Two-Party System Hamiltonians vs. JeffersoniansStation 1: Development of the Two-Party System Hamiltonians vs. Jeffersonians
President George Washington appointed Alexander Hamilton as the Treasury Secretary, and Hamilton took it upon himself to develop an economic structure for the United States that would give the public confidence in the government’s
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Bereshis Subduing the EgoBereshis Subduing the Ego
Was seduced by the snake, who represents the embodiment of the angel known as the יצר הרע (Evil Inclination). She indeed partook of the forbidden fruit, and then gave of it to her husband Adam
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Should Tribes Legalize Marijuana?Should Tribes Legalize Marijuana?
It then discusses the various ways tribes are exploring the “opportunity,” the ways they might become involved in the marijuana business, and the pros and cons of various forms of tribal involvement
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October 2005 Frances MalikOctober 2005 Frances Malik
Making Legal Rights a Reality’: The Legal Services Commission’s Strategy for the Community Legal Service
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