The first world warThe first world war
Provisional Government to consolidate its position and deal with the other problems it faced. It also showed just how out of touch the government was with the concerns of those suffering the hardships of war: rank and file soldiers
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Electric Vehicles in the Postal ServiceElectric Vehicles in the Postal Service
The Post Office Department tried all three types for mail collection in cities. Although more expensive than horse-drawn vehicles
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Roots of the PillRoots of the Pill
Margaret Sanger witnessed unwanted pregnancies and desperate abortion attempts when she worked as a nurse among New York's poorest women
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Session on “Power sharing arrangements: Lessons of Switzerland”Session on “Power sharing arrangements: Lessons of Switzerland”
Iraq. The Swiss experience of federalism could show how fragmented minorities could be integrated through negotiation and participatory democratic power-sharing
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Articles of ConfederationArticles of Confederation
The Continental Congress had been careful to give the states as much independence as possible
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Sample student speeches for analysis and discussionSample student speeches for analysis and discussion
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. In this section of the manual, we present the actual speech outlines that each of these speakers employed to deliver their respective speeches
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Personal InformationPersonal Information
Practices and Representations of the State Space: The Medium Sized German States in the Years 1815-1866, supervised by Prof. Shulamit Volkov
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Japan essay #1 – jimmu the creationJapan essay #1 – jimmu the creation
He swirled the spear around and lifted it from the water. Tiny water drops fell from the tip of the spear, and as they hit the ocean they turned into land. This became the country known as Japan
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Protecting Legitimate Expectations and Estoppel in English LawProtecting Legitimate Expectations and Estoppel in English Law
Readers are permitted to make copies, electronically or printed, for personal and classroom use
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Standards: How the West Was WonStandards: How the West Was Won
President Theodore Roosevelt’s four-volume account, The Winning of the West (1889-1896), colorfully details the drama, determination and daring adventures of those pioneers, cowboys, and cavalry who led America’s expansion westward
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