Physician-assisted suicide: progress or peril? Christine k. Cassel editors’ summaryPhysician-assisted suicide: progress or peril? Christine k. Cassel editors’ summary
There is some clarity to be gained by understanding the differences between these approaches and the contribution of both to resolution of a complex and contentious question
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Berlin Airlift BackgroundBerlin Airlift Background
The Truman administration reacted with a continual daily airlift which brought much needed food and supplies into the city of West Berlin
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Conflicts in IdentityConflicts in Identity
Proceedings of the 2011 Anthropology Graduate Student Association Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium
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Aff 1ac human rightsAff 1ac human rights
The Cuban embargo is the worst and most destructive of all policies enacted by the United States—it systematically denies Cubans of their most basic rights
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Towards a Win-Win Model for the Kashmir ConflictTowards a Win-Win Model for the Kashmir Conflict
India and Pakistan. The external dimension of the Kashmir conflict has lasted more than five decades and many solutions have focused on that dimension
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