The 1918 Flu 2 The Philadelphia StoryThe 1918 Flu 2 The Philadelphia Story
Imagine a group of young girls in 1918, playing jump rope on the sidewalk – if we listened closely, this is what we might have heard
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Peloponnesian WarPeloponnesian War
Greek city-state. The fighting engulfed virtually the entire Greek world, and it was properly regarded by Thucydides, whose contemporary account of it is considered to be among the world's finest works of history
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The Black DeathThe Black Death
The same disease is thought to have returned to Europe every generation with varying degrees of intensity and fatality until the 1700s
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Chapter 7 & 8 MatchingChapter 7 & 8 Matching
Pope Leo III proclaimed Charlemagne to be Emperor of the Romans because Charlemagne had
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Mrc’s 20th Anniversary EditionMrc’s 20th Anniversary Edition
Quotables, which debuted in February 1988, has been a vital tool in pursuing this mission. After publishing more than 500 issues — more than 8
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Plague, Public Health and Democracy: Pistoia Responds to the Black DeathPlague, Public Health and Democracy: Pistoia Responds to the Black Death
Pistoia became a commune, were key. Thanks to these democratic and participatory patterns, Pistoia responded better when the plague arrived in 1348
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