In Search of the Lord’s ChurchIn Search of the Lord’s Church
Lord’s church by the Old Testament prophets, by Jesus, by the Spirit through the apostle Peter on Pentecost, and the apostle Paul in a host of Scriptures. We contrasted this biblical perspective with the modern indifference toward the uniqueness of
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The long road to equalityThe long road to equality
Despite the rise of Barack Obama, many African-Americans still feel like second-class citizens. John Kirk charts the progress of the civil rights movement through its most prominent body, the naacp, which celebrates its centenary this year
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Unmanaged Unit Cohesion: The Consequential Contributor to the My Lai MassacreUnmanaged Unit Cohesion: The Consequential Contributor to the My Lai Massacre
Command (usacidc) interviewed every soldier involved in some way with the My Lai Massacre. Those testimonies were used in an attempt to prove that, while inept leadership, racism
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How the Nazis (sociopaths) won wwiiHow the Nazis (sociopaths) won wwii
In 2004 I got a fone call, from a gentleman that I had done background music system in his upscale restraunt at Court House Plaza on the Metro line in Arlington va
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Introduction to tactical engagement principlesIntroduction to tactical engagement principles
Sun- tzu, but there has not been a broad based recognition of the similarities in the fire service. Although these similarities haven't been fully recognized, they certainly continue to exist
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