Us in the Modern World Final Exam True/False Answer 10Us in the Modern World Final Exam True/False Answer 10
With the Treaty of Paris ending the Spanish-American War, the United States became an imperial power
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What were the origins and goals of the dictatorships of the Soviet Union, Italy, and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s?
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To gain the resources Japan needed, the Japanese government ordered the military to invade Manchuria
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The Hitler Game Purpose of lessonThe Hitler Game Purpose of lesson
Give out the information sheets on the aims of the political parties in Germany (H3i)
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Paper 1, Section A: International Relations, 1919-89Paper 1, Section A: International Relations, 1919-89
There are eight to choose from, but you will only have covered perhaps four of the topics on the paper
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The year is 1812The year is 1812
The British have built their navy to more than 700 warships and have nearly 150,000 sailors and marines. This massive force is controlling the sea, blocking French ports
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Introduction to the War of 1812 NameIntroduction to the War of 1812 Name
Canada. They also wanted to cut off British supply lines to a American Indian confederation that was fighting with the British. American naval victories fought on Lake Erie and Lake Champlain kept the northern states, including New York
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