Great Gatsby EssayGreat Gatsby Essay
To complete the unit on The Great Gatsby, you must write a five-paragraph essay on one of the options listed below. Choose one of the following prompts. All essays must be typed and double-spaced
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Cities by DesignCities by Design
The course will allow students to establish a broader definition of the ‘urban,’ forging commonalities amongst a diversity of cities
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Word 3 – In Class Activity InstructionsWord 3 – In Class Activity Instructions
Open the document titled Word 3 In Class Report Text from the shared drive. Save it to your own drive as “per# last first In Class Coke Report” in your Word 3 folder
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Immigration and Ethnic Relations in American HistoryImmigration and Ethnic Relations in American History
African-American experience. Students will be encouraged to relate their own family histories to these larger issues and trends, but will also be expected to approach unfamiliar topics and experiences with the same commitment and curiosity
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Japanese-American Internment Camps Research ProjectJapanese-American Internment Camps Research Project
Farewell to Manzanar then by citing the information in the essay. Second, we are learning how to think ahead, take notes, and organize papers for a big project
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The Tell-Tale HeartThe Tell-Tale Heart
Definition: Irony is the perception of a clash between appearance and reality, between seems and is
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Small businessSmall business
The solicitation includes topic and subtopics from nasa’s newly-established Space Technology Mission Directorate. See section 9
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