Background about chinaBackground about china
The cnd infoBase Project collects, among other China-related information, introductory material about China's history and the Chinese society. Cnd does not necessarily agree with the views expressed or implied in the contents of this
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Chen-yuan Tung I. IntroductionChen-yuan Tung I. Introduction
Second, the costs of wars will increase due to bilateral economic interdependence. Third, with greater interdependence of global financial, trade, and other economic relations, most states will be harmed by any major international conflicts
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Cite as: 31 Harv. C. R. C. L. L. Rev. 415Cite as: 31 Harv. C. R. C. L. L. Rev. 415
Diminished funding for lawyers for subordinated people [FN1] and challenges to the lawyer-client hierarchy are contributing to the uncertainty; out of uncertainty, however, can come innovation
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Final version, 18 february 2002Final version, 18 february 2002
For many authors business associations, or their absence, define the relationship between politics and business: corporatism or pluralism,1 co-ordinated or liberal market economies,2 corruption or civil society,3 and company
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Early English Modern Drama: Authorship and CollaborationEarly English Modern Drama: Authorship and Collaboration
However, since in privacy collaboration is understood rather as a basic necessity, in the working environment (and in the arts and literature in particular) it is still believed to be rather an exception
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Masaryk university brno faculty of educationMasaryk university brno faculty of education
I sincerely would like to thank Michael George, M. A. for his outstanding support, great advice and kind help as well as for the supervision of this work
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Letter of the rector majorLetter of the rector major
The feast of the Immaculate Conception is always a reminder to us of our Salesian origins and an occasion of fresh hope for the future. This year I spent the 8th of December with our boys at Arese
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Children and Youth Policy, Children and Youth Services, Youth Work Children and youth policyChildren and Youth Policy, Children and Youth Services, Youth Work Children and youth policy
It is the aim of children and youth policy to help to ease the arduous process of growing into an open and pluralistic society and into an increasingly complicated world
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Advance Edited Version Distr.: GeneralAdvance Edited Version Distr.: General
The High Commissioner concludes the report with recommendations, including some contained in previous reports of the High Commissioner on the situation in Yemen
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The Marian Reforms Akshath KaleThe Marian Reforms Akshath Kale
Outline and analyse the impact the Marian reforms had for the Roman army and Republic
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