Dutch and american criminal justice systemsDutch and american criminal justice systems
Netherlands and the United States. It ends with a discussion of the successes and failures of their policies and how they function in conjunction with the implementation of their respective police forces
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Investing a nation in the education of youthInvesting a nation in the education of youth
Cuba’s system are its ability to mobilize the entire community to prioritize education and its student-centered preparation methods
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New coder introduction to the abortion discourse projectNew coder introduction to the abortion discourse project
Germany and the United States, examining how it has shifted over the past 20 years. The issue of abortion will be used to develop and test a broader theory of public discourse and the conditions under which social movements, in particular
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1. National Incident Management System nims1. National Incident Management System nims
Eops to include nims and nrf components and development of mutual aid agreements. In addition, jurisdictions will adhere to equipment and resource typing requirements ensuring conformity to nims national Resource Typing Definitions according to
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The State as a Moral InstitutionThe State as a Moral Institution
Akanmidu, R. A. “The State as a Moral Institution”, in Michael Toper(ed) et al. Law, Justice and the State II. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1995 pp. 25-33
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Cameron Stephens Professor Kathy RowleyCameron Stephens Professor Kathy Rowley
Canales, Alejandro I. and Carlos Perez. "Inclusion and Segregation: The Incorporation of Latin American Immigrants into the U. S. Labor Market."
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