Fascism arose in Europe after World War I when many people yearned for national unity and strong leadership. In Italy, Benito Mussolini used his charisma to establish a powerful fascist state
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After Germany lost the First World War, the Kaiser fled and a new democratic government of Germany was declared in February 1919 at the small town of Weimar. It was too dangerous to make a declaration in Berlin where there were riots
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International law as a legal systemInternational law as a legal system
There are meaningful relationships between them. Norms may thus exist at higher and lower hierarchical levels, their formulation may involve greater or lesser generality and specificity and their validity may date back to earlier or later moments
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7 voting behaviour7 voting behaviour
Neither has it been driven forward, as it has in many countries with a substantial Catholic population, by a conflict between pro-clerical Christian democracy and anti-clerical secular liberalism
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House of lordsHouse of lords
Judgment Regina v. Bartle and the Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis and Others Ex Parte Pinochet
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Korean War Armistice AgreementKorean War Armistice Agreement
Dmz, and to determine repatriation for North Korean pows who did not want to go back. This agreement was meant to be a temporary agreement until a formal peace treaty could be made
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The Changing of the GuardThe Changing of the Guard
He’s stepping down for the good of the family because Canadians ‘don’t like’ to see it divided and hence unable to govern With Chrétien recast as the champion of unity
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