Contemporary Literary CriticismContemporary Literary Criticism
Essay date Spring 1996 In the following essay, Butterworth discusses the savage side of man portrayed in Dickey's Deliverance and analyzes how characterization structures the novel.]
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Six frequently used archetypal patternsSix frequently used archetypal patterns
Archetypes are recurring images, character types, symbols, and narrative patterns. These archetypes are the structural principles that give literature its unity
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The Landscape of Enterprise in Colonial VietnamThe Landscape of Enterprise in Colonial Vietnam
Conglomerates”: French-owned enterprises with capital over $1 million francs whose operations were largely but not exclusively based in Vietnam
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Print edition cover story: July 2005Print edition cover story: July 2005
The constitution is dead, long live the constitution! Did European elites simply oversell a modest document? Is there a real crisis of legitimacy? Andrew Moravcsik explains the meaning of "no" and others take issue with him
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Understanding internal controlsUnderstanding internal controls
Roles vary with responsibility, however, Business Officers play a key role in assuring that high standards of business and ethical practices are followed because they are ultimately responsible for the appropriate use and control of the resources entrusted
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Emily A. Hitchens and Lilyan S. SnowEmily A. Hitchens and Lilyan S. Snow
Snow make their case with particular reference to accounts by Civil War nurses, who developed the skills of care without precedent and without the expectation of cure that scientific medicine has aroused
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Risk perception and communicationRisk perception and communication
This chapter describes the Protective Action Decision Model, which summarizes findings from studies of household response to disasters, and concludes with recommendations for risk communication during the continuing hazard phase
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Green Berets OriginsGreen Berets Origins
Confederate Civil War soldiers led by Col. John Mosby. The soldiers staged raids in a manner that more resembles the modern Army Rangers. But it was a another military tactic winning the support of the local populations that has become a hallmark of the
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Airport privatization: and the reluctance of U. S. airports to adapt 1Airport privatization: and the reluctance of U. S. airports to adapt 1
Now more than ever government sponsors are in the mood to sell their airports. With a growing shortage of airport capacity, coupled with steep government deficits, hundreds of airports around the world
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