Module Aims and Learning Objectives Strategic aims of the courseModule Aims and Learning Objectives Strategic aims of the course
First World War, as well as a detailed examination of the Anglo-American system of Diplomacy. The module also considers the issues of Diplomatic immunity, protocol and the role played by the resident embassy
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United Nations A/hrc/28/16United Nations A/hrc/28/16
November 2014. The review of Egypt was held at the 15th meeting on 5 November 2014. The delegation of Egypt was headed by Ibrahim el-Heneidy, Minister for Transitional Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
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Cleaning operationsCleaning operations
Rights and Evictions (cohre) read the chapter on residential segregation of Roma in Greece and provided comments on it in light of international housing rights provisions
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Fourth brazilian report to the 1989 united nations convention on the rights of the child
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Advance questions to bahamasAdvance questions to bahamas
We would be grateful for information on steps being taken to immediately establish a moratorium on the use of the death penalty with a view to abolishing it in line with un resolutions
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Chapter introductionChapter introduction
The right to fair trial is Human Rights, which has been accorded to all. The violation of this right, to some extent may be considered as crime
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