Prehistoric BritainPrehistoric Britain
Britain was a part of the European land mass until the end of the last Ice Age, around 6000 bc, when the English Channel was formed by melting ice
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Elder joseph L. Bays, a pioneer texas baptist preacherElder joseph L. Bays, a pioneer texas baptist preacher
Submitted by: walter louis tubbs, a candidate for the degree of master of theology, Department of Church History, Dr. William W. Barnes, Professor. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texa
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Homer Iliad Book 22 and Virgil Aeneid Book 12: a comparisonHomer Iliad Book 22 and Virgil Aeneid Book 12: a comparison
It is important to remember that Virgil had an intimate knowledge of Homer’s epics and made much use of them when composing the Aeneid. In the words of Quinn
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Course outlineCourse outline
Required texts: Ewa Wasilewska: Creation Stories of the Middle East. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2000. (Book)
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As the power of the Roman Empire faded in the first centuries of the Common Era, the practice of worshiping the Emperor and Roman gods slowly became less prevalent
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Are Dutch Ears Different from American Ears? A comparison of Evidence StandardsAre Dutch Ears Different from American Ears? A comparison of Evidence Standards
United States. Neither Iannarelli nor Van Der Lugt have had any formal scientific training, ringing true the adage that those with the least education are those that are the most sure on the witness stand
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Marx’s MaterialismMarx’s Materialism
This seminar will focus on Marx’s views on materialism and on the very extensive, world-wide literature on this topic. Our studies will include the following topics, among others
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The history of polish educationThe history of polish education
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, created by the Sejm and king Stanisław August Poniatowski on October 14, 1773. Because of its vast authority and autonomy
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Harriet Beecher StoweHarriet Beecher Stowe
S mother died when Harriet was only five years old. Harriet never got over her early loss. Many slave children were taken from their mothers at very early ages. Many never knew the love and security a mother can give a child
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Part 1: PowerPoint presentationPart 1: PowerPoint presentation
A useful list of significant dates from Amin Maalouf’s The Crusades through Arab Eyes. Unlike the majority of crusade timelines, Maalouf’s structure reflects a Muslim perspective on events, framed in the language of invasion, occupation
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Northern Lights SubmissionNorthern Lights Submission
They became political and social events. Tournaments provided women a real opportunity to see and interact with a wider array of men then they would normally encounter at home
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